Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Baki the Grappler series

Up next for our interesting series we have the Baki the Grappler series of manga and anime, now this piece of work is a fighting manga following the character of Baki, the son of Ogre. The Baki series has been going on since 1991 and has had multiple manga which focus around different characters or stories, which an ongoing series right now entitled Baki: Son of Ogre, which is Baki's tale of him trying to get strongest and how he became who he is now. Baki is around the age of an old teenager and a young adult, he has been trained throughout his life to be an incredible martial artist and his goal in life is to one day defeat his father in combat, however his father just so happens to be The Ogre, otherwise known as the strongest man in the world.

I would consider this to be a must read or a must see if you happen to be a fan of fighting manga or fighting anime. The action that goes on in the fights is always interesting because of the styles of martial arts that it brings into it and the characters themselves that fight against each other are always interesting. There are many different characters which are all incredibly different and each bring some pretty interesting things to the table to show off to us, one man who seems small is in fact a master of karate and is able to punch through the sound barrier! Another man is covered in scars who almost seems to be indestructible and is able to destroy large solid steel jail doors and bars with a single punch.

What we have here are all the main characters of the Baki series, however we don't see them all the time of course, we Baki the most(center character).

Personally I think all of the characters are incredibly enjoyable and I love to see all of them and their fights, with my personal favorite being Hanayama Kaoru( bottom right with the glasses), or also known as Scarface due to all of his battles in the past leaving him incredibly scarred.

The art style for this series is also very unique to its story, I personally have never seen another art style like this done by another author or artist. Newcomers to manga or anime might be turned off by this style due to how strangle and how bizarrely the proportions of the human body and the anatomy for the people are; yet it is also one of those series that if you stick with it and continue to read it, you will end up loving the art style and thinking that it fits perfectly for this style of manga.
This being an example of the strange but unique art style. In the picture depicted above, it is Yujiro Hanma, or Baki's father who is the strongest man on Earth! He himself has defeated hundreds upon thousands of people and wildlife creatures, in fact he has defeated and slain a woolly mammoth in combat, however don't ask my why he did or how the mammoth got there in the first place, but I can say that it was simply amazing to read about.

So I would like to suggest this as a manga to read or an anime to watch for those that are interested in it, and I hope that if you do ending up reading the series and spin-offs, I hope you enjoy them! I found all of Baki to be incredibly enjoyable to read and enjoyed every minute of it, however I do understand that some people might not like it at first, but give it a chance and I'm sure you'll enjoy it.


  1. That lion is so friggen strong, thanks for the suggestion!

  2. I never really cared about manga or anime, but it seems like only because i wasn't really introduced in a decent manner. I will definitely follow your progress. Nice read!

  3. I hope you guys enjoy it a lot its very good!

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