Saturday, April 2, 2011

The beginning to something that will hopefully be enjoyable for everyone alike! JOJO's Bizarre Adventure.

Well lets start this off with a kick and a bang shall we! Our first up to bat we have Jojo's Bizarre Adventure. A manga of multiple parts created by HIrohiko Araki, Jojo's Bizarre Adventure is a manga that has gone on from 1987 to current times, in Jojo there are what people call parts, which is the telling of one story focused around one person in the line of Joestar. Part 3 specifically received an anime about it which was simply amazing and which I consider a must see if you are able to find it, Part 5 and 3 received games with part 3being a fighting game and part 5 being a brawler, and finally part 1 recently had a movie made about it in Japan in 2007(sadly I myself am unable to find it in both stores or online so if you know anything, please feel free to tell me because I would simply love to watch it!).  In total there are 6 parts with a 7th being ongoing as we speak, each part has its own main character as a Joestar, while not all carry the Joestar last name, they carry the blood within them.

 In regards to each individual parts, each one has a special power as the focus to it, in parts 1 and 2, the main power that the Joestar would use is what fans and the characters in the manga and anime refer to as the Ripple, or Hamon for some. What we call the ripple is being able to harness the power of the sun in the human body and use it to fight your enemies with it. The villains of both parts 1 and 2 are what we in our time now would call Vampires, which of course are weak to the sun, so through the Ripple, our main hero and heroic partners are able to fight toe to toe with the villainous vampires. Moving on to the relative power of parts 3 and onward, it focuses around what fans and characters call a Stand, or a manifestation of willpower and spirit. Each stand is different for each person that is able to control and summon their stand, which allows us to see many different, amazing, and sometimes terrifying abilities; some powers range from controlling water, fire, magnetism and controlling iron itself to very strange powers such as being able to use zippers to fight against your enemies! While such things may seem and sound strange at first, while reading or watching Jojo, you're able to see incredible things and simple things used in such ways that you would almost never have thought of it being used that way!

The characters in Jojo are not to be forgotten as well, since each part focuses around a Joestar who generally happen to have a partner(s), it allows for the reader to follow many different characters and see many different things, the types of Joestar vary incredibly, from a young English boy who grows into a strong and brave man to a teenager who fights to save his friends and family to even a mafia member! Now I understand that I make these characters seem rather simple and bland, Araki is able to each character and mold them into incredibly loveable characters that you want to see what they will do next and if they will be able to survive and hope that they wont die in the heat of battle. Lets not forget the villains now of Jojo, each and every villain is just as memorable and sometimes as loveable as the Joestars, some times you simply wish for the villain to have more parts or to end up joining the Joestar side and fight against their former evil allies. Not all villains are like that though, some are simply considered amazing due to how they act, what they do, or what their powers are; some villains you want to see get defeated due to how Araki is able to take and mold them into what you hate the most.

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure is a manga that to some may start off slowly, but do not fear and worry that you will find it boring because each part almost always and surely picks up speed and keeps you interested about what will happen next. Most fans, if not all, simply agree that reading Jojo's Bizarre Adventure was an incredibly enjoyable experience and they cannot wait for the next chapter or volume to come out so that they can continue reading.

Now on a personal note, my own favorite part was part 2 due to the Joestar of that being such a loveable character and being the most memorable and amazing, I also consider the best and my personal favorite Joestar to be Joseph in part 2 and part 3 due to his amazing plans and his battle tactics and his most famous battle strategy ever.

The image above is a fan made drawing of all the Joestars for each part, going from Part 1 on the left to part 6 on the right. Don't let their faces or anything else fool you, they are all incredible main heroes and I'm sure you'll love all of them if you decide to pick up Jojo's Bizarre Adventure.

Well everyone I hope I have convinced you, pushed you in the right direction, or nudged you into considering or reading Jojo's Bizarre Adventure! I enjoyed my time greatly while I read it and wait eagerly till I can read more. Thanks for your time everyone!

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  1. I've heard of this before. I would give it a read but I'm not really into manga anymore.